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Same-day delivery to be the norm by 2022 says study

11 April 2018

In response to Uber-hailing, online-buying, smartphone-wielding consumer, 78% of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2022 and 39% anticipate delivery within a two-hour window by 2032.

This is according to Zebra Technologies ‘Future of Fulfilment Vision Study’, a global body of research analysing how over 2 700 manufacturers, transportation and logistics (T&L) firms, and retailers are preparing to meet the growing needs of the on-demand economy.

“Driven by the always-connected, tech-savvy shopper, retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies are collaborating and swapping roles in uncharted ways to meet shoppers’ omnichannel product fulfillment and delivery expectations.

“Zebra’s Future of Fulfillment Vision Study shows that companies are turning to digital technology and analytics to bring heightened automation, merchandise visibility and business intelligence to the supply chain, in order to compete in the on-demand consumer economy,” said Maria Casu, Head of Solutions Marketing EMEA, Zebra Technologies

The study found that reducing backorders was the biggest challenge to reaching omnichannel fulfillment, and that more and more retailers worldwide are investing in retrofitting stores to double as online fulfillment centers and shrinking selling space to accommodate e-commerce pickups and returns.

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