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Logistics Costings Workshop: 09 Sept, Jhb

The logistics costs of satisfying customer demand can be substantial, yet these costs are generally not fully understood by organisations as typical accounting systems tend to be focused on detailing product costs as opposed to customer service costs.

Every company has its own unique supply chain, with highly individualized logistics cost inputs, yet most companies seem to suffer from a lack of visibility of costs as they are incurred through the supply chain pipeline. In order to effectively monitor, manage and optimise their operational costs, logistics professionals must understand the specific logistics cost elements and drivers as well as the true costs of servicing different customer types / channels & market segments.

The content of this workshop has been designed to empower delegates with a solid understanding of logistics cost elements and drivers as well as the critical relationships between physical activities, operating performance, cost generation and pricing within a logistics environment.

For a full brochure with a breakdown of content, please visit www.vicenda.co.za. Alternatively email karl@vicenda.co.za or contact us on 010 500 1006