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The Beer Distribution Game: 23 July, Jhb

This is the original supply chain game! Developed by professors at MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960’s, the Beer Distribution Game is a business simulation used to effectively illustrate the challenges of managing demand& supply within a traditional supply chain – without the advantage of information sharing or collaboration.

The Beer Distribution Game is experiential learning at its best! For individuals or teams – beginners or veterans, this is a truly worthwhile experience for anyone involved in supply chain management.

More commonly known as just “The Beer Game”, it’s the ideal simulation game for your supply chain team however it’s also an excellent learning experience to ensure that people from different functional areas within your business (distribution,sales & marketing, finance, customer service, procurement, manufacturing,etc.) gain a shared understanding of what is required to address the challenges of managing demand & supply.

This event caters for individuals or teams of any size. Although each team in the game consists of 8 participants, the majority of attendees will be individuals or a few representatives from each company that we will then integrate into teams of 8. This is a half-day (afternoon) event.

Past Delegates:

-      Great game and great fun. Makes one aware of the entire supply chain flow and how one disruption affects the chain & ultimately the customer

-      Great insight for beginners and experts alike!

-      Very practical way of seeing the Supply Chain in action.Helps to understand the effects of irregular ordering and the lack of communication along the Supply Chain

-      Great game. The way the SC can fluctuate is challenging and some thought is required before one can order without communication / forecast.

-      Good experience, really noticed over anticipation, lack of communication and the bull whip effect. Well played!!

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