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5th annual Strategic Sourcing Summit: 24-25 July, Jhb

Innovationin sourcing - discovering new ideas that create value

Bespoke,in proud partnership with the Chartered Institute of Procurement &Supply (CIPS), presents the 5th annual Strategic Sourcing Summit 2018 scheduledto take place on 24 & 25 July 2018 in Sandton, Johannesburg,South Africa.

StrategicSourcing is the process of identifying, evaluating, negotiating andoptimising the procurement of strategic goods and services that best supportthe strategic objectives of the business. The process should aim to standardisethe sourcing process within an organization, place more spend under the prudenteye of procurement and to ensure that any value generated is properly executed,measured and monitored. Category Management is a strategic sourcing activitywhich organises procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spend, thuscreating new opportunities for savings and value.

Integratingleading practice Supplier Relationship Management into your strategic sourcingprogramme will deliver mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers,encourage improved communication, enhance openness and create transparency.

Attendthis prestigious event and benefit from:

·        Oneof a kind, exclusive and dedicated Strategic Sourcing event on the Africancontinent

·        6interactive presentations about innovation in Strategic Sourcing and CategoryManagement

·        Speakerswho are Strategic Sourcing and Category Management specialists and experts

·        Casestudies from leading private and public sector organisations

·        Atwo hour networking session on day 1 with peers and thought leaders

·        Informationthat will change your approach to Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

·        EarlyBird discount to help you save - book before 24 June 2017


For more information,please visit: http://www.strategic-sourcing.co.za/