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Feature: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Your Supply Chain needs both

Advanced analytics works by analysing real-time data, predicting future scenarios and prescribing complex, profitable decisions on the spot. Fully leveraging the spectrum of advanced analytics is a must for current and future successes within the manufacturing industry, however, understanding how to quickly and frequently act on insights from advanced analytics is becoming just as crucial.

Many organizations don't know whether they should adopt advanced analytics. Will it be too difficult? Too time-consuming? Worried you don’t have the data or the integrations? If this is your thinking, you’re not alone.

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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Your Supply Chain needs both
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New Jobs platform to be launched November 2018
19 November 2018 ... more
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Industry Events

Best Practices: Demand Planning & Inventory Optimisation: 15-16 Oct, Jhb
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Best Practices: Export Management, 17-18 Sept, Jhb
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Best Practices: Import Management, 27-28 Aug, Jhb
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Masterclass: Exporting into Africa, 14-15 August, Jhb
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Best Practices: Demand Planning & Inventory Optimisation: 24-25 July, Cape Town
... more
Masterclass: Exporting into Africa, 24-25 July, Cape Town
... more
Effective Stores Management, 17-18 July, Jhb
... more
Logistics Costings: 11 July, Jhb
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Compliance for Importers: The New Customs Act Programme: 11-12 June, Jhb
... more
Effective Distribution Management: 05-06 June, Jhb
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Export Management: SARS Compliance Masterclass, 28 May, Jhb
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Product Focus

New platform launching October 2018!
30 August 2018 ... more
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